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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum for grades K-5 is advanced and quite extensive, covering these five main topic areas: Science, Math, History, Bible and English with the following subtopics according to grade level: Phonics, vocabulary, handwriting, spelling, writing, grammer and reading.

Upon entering our center/school you will find that all of our classrooms are divided into learning "areas": math, science, writing, computers, dramatic play, and library activities. children work in these areas throughout the day, sometimes with teacher direction and other times as self selected activities. We have found that Children develop better self images, and achieve more academically in this type of environment.


Our program has been recommended for children with learning difficulties, as well as the advanced learner. We accredit this to the fact that our teachers are gifted teachers who strive to meet the individual needs of each child.


Each classroom is equipped with computers for the children, and a camera which allows parents to observe the children at "work" without being present in the classroom.

Signing in and out is done electronically

What we believe

We believe that children are precious gifts from God who must be cherished, nurtured and guided as they develop at their own pace.


*We are a Children's Center that believes God is the creator of the universe and everything within it, therefore, we as His creations should strive to treat ourselves, and all of His creations with understanding and respect.


*We believe this will lead to us, and your child being wholesome adults

*We do not believe that it is our place as teachers to pressure any child or parent, into believing any particular denominational belief, and that is not apart of our purpose

*We provide educational instruction in a relaxed environment using both hands-on activities, some of which are self selected by the child and others teacher directed.


*We believe continuity is a vital element to and in each child's future success, thus we encourage parental involvement and open communication at all times

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Our History- Where we came from

We "R" Family began in 1989 as a family Child Care in the home of the Nears family. In 1995 it relocated to 1004 Utah St as a children's center and elementary school. The ultimate goal then and now, is to combine the closeness of family child care, with the business management and academic structure of most center-based programs.

The physical facility on Utah Street is unique in that it was formerly a residence, but has been converted for commercial use. It consists of two buildings on one lot. One houses the main office, a classroom & kitchen, and the other has two classrooms. The front yard is well maintained, and a large, secure, and nicely landscaped rear area is available for gross motor development. In 2012 our school age site opened and is continuing the advancement of children up to the 5th grade.

At We "R" Family our goal is to prepare children for promotion through our accelerated programs, which will assure academic success in any public school.

Our Utah St location consists of Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First grade, and our Parker Rd location offers 1st through 5th grades. 

To schedule a tour of either facility, please call to make an appointment. This assures that someone is available to answer any questions that may arise. And remember:

We"R" Family is the place "Where learning is fun!"

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